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Accommodation & Living in Montreux

Student Accommodation in Montreux 

Montreux is a popular place to study; thus, it can be difficult to find a place to live. To avoid problems in finding accommodation, we strongly suggest you to start your research at least three months before the starting date of your program. 

Student accommodation in Montreux is within walking distance of the campus, and is offered by a number of agencies. 

The IAM Administration Department is available to help students with any queries that they might have regarding accommodation for students in Montreux. They have good relationships with local leasing agencies and a great deal of experience in working with student accommodation in Montreux. 

Accommodations available in Montreux vary in size and quality, with the range of prices reflecting the options appropriately. Given the large student population in the city, there is a wide selection of accommodation choices available, though it can be competitive. 

There are a number of websites which offer affordable living student accommodation options in Montreux:

Centrally located in Montreux, (Switzerland), International Academy Montreux (IAM) is only a few meters away from the famous Stravinsky Auditorium, one of the iconic venues of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Founded in 2009, IAM has been striving to provide premium business management education as well as many specific general education courses, demonstrating its flexibility to adapt to trends and market demand.

To celebrate its 10 years of existence IAM has now started its transition process to become the worldwide reference for dedicated, personalized student education, forming the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

IAM stimulates its students’ creativity, encourages them to go the extra mile, to experiment with new ideas, and finally, to convert those ideas into new business concepts and start-ups.


The outstanding education provided by IAM is paired with an exceptionally strong network in various industries; these privileged relations include instrumental business partnerships for internship placement and overall employability of IAM’s graduate students.

Among IAM’s strongest assets, is its willingness to quickly adjust to market demand; hence, IAM is able to swiftly build tailor-made courses, seminars, and programs within and outside the institution.

Estimated living expenses in Montreux

Estimated costs – please note these are estimations of monthly costs which vary depending on the student’s budget and lifestyle: 

Monthly accommodation estimate: CHF 500 – CHF 2’500 

Monthly food expenses estimate: CHF 600 – CHF 800 

Monthly travel expenses estimate: CHF 100 – CHF 250 

Monthly medical insurance estimate: CHF 120 – CHF 500 


Please note that every student in Switzerland must be insured by a medical and accident insurance company in Switzerland, even if you already have an international travel insurance. (IAM can help you find an insurance company if you do not already have insurance in Switzerland). 

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