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Blockchain for Business Education powered by Global Oracle Association for Leaders

Real world use-cases for enterprise blockchain: opportunities and strategies.


Participants will become familiar with blockchain-based solutions available for enterprises, as well as, future features for driving enterprise adoption.


Why are People Excited About Blockchain? 


Understanding of Blockchain and brief history of it will lead to expand the knowledge on Distributed Ledger Technology and Consensus provided during the course. 


Why this works? 


We will cover the high level basic of the following topics to help businesses to understand the potential of this technology: Cryptography, Hash Functions, Public Key Cryptography and Signing, Blocks and Blockchain, the Chain, Nodes and Network. 


The course will cover as well Blockchain Use-Cases, Trust Schemes and Consensus Mechanisms that will include Public, Consortium, Private Blockchains, Blockchain Interoperability and comprehension of when to apply a Blockchain (limitations and misconceptions), implications of Blockchain on traditional businesses.


Inaccessible, Inefficient and Lack of transparency in legacy and traditional finance leads to low trust in financial institutions and governments. Therefore, we will discover together opportunities and threats on financial regulations, AML, legal impact, DeFi and financial inclusion.


Last and not least, we will go though on the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, Wallets and the Marketplaces, and Implications on Traditional Businesses. 

The course is given by Leyla Baghirzade.



Leyla Baghirzade

Leyla possesses more than 11 years of experience in Banking and Financial Industry on international level and holds several degrees in Advanced Corporate Finance, Banking and Finance, Management Economics and Advanced Studies on Blockchain and DLT. 


Last years, has been enthusiastic about blockchain technology, innovation and providing to traditional projects alternative solutions to reach their goals. In 2018, has founded company in Digital Healthcare field by providing distributed healthcare system applied by blockchain technology. Meanwhile, involved into several industries such as Fintech, Traditional Mining, and Innovative Tax products. Currently, Leyla is President of Global Oracle Association for Leaders, GOAL, based on Sustainable Development Goals, with aim on partnerships on governmental and private levels  and expanding blockchain ecosystem.  

In 2019, Leyla has been chosen as one of 100 young successful people of Azerbaijan. 


Speaks fluently 5 languages (English, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Azerbaijan), learning French and German and like to be active also on different organisations, such as organising TEDxLugano since 2017.

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