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Festival “We are from Russia: Peace. Youth. Unity"

On September 7th, the delegation of the I|AM attended the International Students’ festival “We are from Russia: Peace. Youth. Unity”, organised by the Moscow State Linguistic University, the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia, the Department of National Policy and Interregional Relations of the City of Moscow and by the Union of the Inter-Ethnic Journalism. 


Participants of the festival are young delegates and representatives of youth between 18 and 30 years old. Representatives of national and cultural autonomies, students’ self-administrations and communities, social unions and other structures working with youth also attended the event. 


The programme of the festival included organisation of educational seminars, platforms for discussions and think-tanks. Also, attendees had an opportunity to participate to various workshops, exhibitions led by representatives of different peoples, as well as to youth hackathon. 




the 10th of September 2018

During his business trip through Russia, Roman Ivashchenko, the President of the I|AM, had a pleasure to meet Evgueniy Trofimov the Rector of the Russian International Academy for Tourism, Professor, Doctor of Political Science and Vladimir Zorin, Professor, Doctor of Political Science, Chief Research Worker of the I.E.A. RAS

They discussed possible ways of collaboration in the field of training of Russian specialists of tourism and hotel business in foreign educational establishments, of students’ exchanges as well as other areas of potential cooperation. The meeting went off very well and promised fruitful partnership. 

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