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Programme description

PhD in International Business Administration



Course Details


1. Named Awards

Professional Doctorate in International Business Administration


2. Course Code



3. Number of years

4 (four)


Course description


4. In the sequence of the first two semesters, students take classes of their choice, either related to the international finance, or to the international business. In addition, students follow language classes during the whole year and might continue until the graduation. 

It is required to take two classes for every semester, without counting language support classes and regular classes given by the Entrepreneurs’ Club and Innovation Hub which are aimed to provide the future researcher with newest information, creative ideas and practical knowledge. 


5. Since the very beginning, all students are awarded an ID number to the Entrepreneurs’ Club and Innovation Hub existing on the basis of the Academy. They are highly encouraged to take part in regular Club events to exchange ideas and to create professional connections.


6. Following courses are offered to the students seeking a doctoral degree:


PHD-HM-1010 International Business
PHD-HM-1020 Computer Application in Business 

PHD-HM-1030 Critical Thinking and Writing 

PHD-HM-1040 Business Law
PHD-HM-1050 International Finance
PHD-HM-1060 Intercultural Ethics and Communication

PHD-HM-1080 Risk Management

PHD-HM-1090 Organisational Development Statistics
PHD-HM-1070 Strategic Marketing

PHD-HM-1100 Business English

PHD-HM-1110 Foreign Language
PHD-HM-1120 Second Foreign Language


The amount of studying hours per week, including all the activities mentioned and individual work, is equal to 25-35 hours approximatively, in consideration of possible timetable modifications. The final programme is subject to approval of the supervisor in order to build the best background for each student, depending on the prospective subject of his/her thesis. 

7. It is required to accumulate 80 ECTS for the first year, which is equal to 4 classes plus language courses and Club courses. The rest of the ECTS are awarded mainly for the Thesis, as well as for practice, teaching and participation to congresses, workshops etc. The credit requirements are for 160 credits (ECTS) for the whole programme, including classes and the PhD thesis.

8. The dissertation is the central element of the program. During the first year of classes, students choose their supervisor which will guide them through their research. In the beginning of the second year, by the end of the third semester, it is compulsory to present a dissertation proposal with a description of the prospective research. It has to include a detailed plan, research question(s), methodology and literature. The actual work on the thesis usually is to be started during the fourth semester. 


9. By the end of the fourth year of studies, practice, research and writing, the students defend their thesis in front of a selected jury. 


10. All our students keep their ID number for the Entrepreneurs’ Club and Innovation Hub after graduation, which allows them to take advantage of all the services provided, as well as to attend regular Club members’ meetings and other events. 



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