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Refund policy - General Conditions

The payment for the first year of studies together with application and administration fees, is a condition to enter into a contract with the IAM. After the 100% payment of the first bill, Student receives an official letter of enrollment which allows to further proceed with the visa application (if needed), and to solicit eventual support from the Academy. The application and the administration fees are not refundable. 


Students receive bills for every following year one month prior to the start of classes and must settle the invoice one week prior to the beginning of classes. 


An intention to leave the Academy anticipatory is to be declared 2 months before the start of classes. Otherwise, penalties are to be imposed, as well as in case of late payments. 

Attention: there is no refund if the permit was denied due to the age; there is no refund if a permit was denied because of a pandemic or other emergency situations. 

Every case is examined personally with the administration of IAM.

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