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of Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

Program Overview

Degree type: Master of Business


Intake: Open year-round

Duration: 1 to 2 Years

Language: English

Credits: 120 ECTS

Learning outcomes

IAM students will acquire advanced knowledge and skills to communicate clearly and effectively using both written and oral forms of communication.

IAM students will demonstrate knowledge of legal framework required to implement and manage.


IAM students will acquire the knowledge and tools for effective project management.


IAM students will acquire the knowledge and experience of key leadership strategies.


IAM students will be able strategically analyse and execute a business plans.


IAM students will be able strategically analyse and execute funding strategy.


IAM students will be able strategically analyse and execute a communication plan.


IAM students will be exposed and participate in numerous conferences, exhibitions, events, workshops and activities, both in Switzerland and internationally.


IAM students will have immersed knowledge and experience of innovative technologies.


IAM students will learn to work cohesively and effectively under pressure.


IAM students will start a rewarding business.

  • IAM students will be exposed and participate in a fully integrated Masters business administration program centred on entrepreneurship.

  • IAM MBA entrepreneurship program provides an optimum balance of theory versus real life industry related to challenges in creating and managing a start-up from a strategic perspective.

  • IAM also offer an optional 2nd year international incubator experience. This is aimed at giving the student a fully immersive experience of the world of start-ups in an international context. Masters students will participate actively in the entrepreneurial club.

  • Through our program we deliver excellence in education that goes beyond traditional learning process of theoretical concepts in class

Semester 1

Year 1

Core Subjects

General electives

Finance reporting and control


Business law


Strategic leadership and organizational behaviour


Strategic management


Venture capital


Entrepreneurial marketing


Project management



ISI Trip


Mentoring capstone innovation BSP

4 Selections

Block-chain technology


Life science 




Virtual Management


Digital art and music


International politics


Digital narrative for businesses


Design and production


Personal and professional development

MBA students will acquire a broad international academic and practical experience in innovation business creation and through experiencing working at international tech hubs and studying a local academic course.

Year 1

Semester 2



Mentoring and execution of capstone innovation BSP

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