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How it works

The purpose of the Club is to support students who want to be independent entrepreneurs after graduation. To become such entrepreneurs, students will be required to develop a full plan to open their own start-up company upon graduation. We believe that a successful business is not only about good connections, resources and funds, but most importantly about early groundwork.

During three-year Bachelor degree or one-year MBA studies, the Entrepreneur’s Club will be an opportunity for hypothesizing, strategy design, financing, and finally application.  Compared to other business schools, through its Entrepreneurs’ Club, IAM offers a major advantage that is a distinctive springboard for the launching of start-ups. 

At the time of graduation, our students will be ready in terms of: 


Learning through the study of real cases, submitted to the examination of students by our partners entrepreneurs active in different fields. The drafts of the business plans will be put in perspective and challenged to demonstrate the feasibility of the projects.

Strategy Design:

Collaborative and coaching work with and by a highly qualified faculty team 


Through advice and collaboration with our partner investment bank and expert in wealth growth. The banking institution will also advise in the search for potential investors, including Business Angels. 


Thanks to the support and resources available during the studies, students will be in possession of the tools necessary to create their own start-up. The initial financial investment will then be available and represent a major asset in the realization of their project.

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