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Bachelor of Art

in Events and Sports Management

Basics of Events and Sports Management

In their first year, students will be introduced to the fundamental elements of Events and, Sports Management and the impacts of Events and Sports policies, finance and economics on the effective practices in the industry. 

Program Overview

Degree type: Bachelor of Art

Intake: September 2018

Duration:  3.5 Years

Language: English

Credits:  180 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Students graduating with IAM's Bachelor of Arts in Events and Sports Management degree will be equipped with the necessary competences to successfully prosper in real-life working situations. Throughout their studies, students will be required to utilise fundamental marketing concepts from the Events and Sports Management industry and understand the principles of interpersonal and mass communication within Events and Sports context. Students will depart with the ability to apply Events and Sports economic principles as they fit into national economy and understand that Events and Sports economics are shaped by external influences.


· Business Management  

· Sports Social & Economic Impact

· Fundraising & Sponsoring 

· Communication Skills 

· Sports & Event Project 

· Start-up & Entrepreneurship

· Business Ethics 

· Media & Public Relations 

· Leadership 

· Sports & Events Sociology 

· Sports Governance & Law 

· Career Planning  

Behind every successful event is the often untold story of meticulous planning and creative management. IAM's Bachelor of Arts in Events and Sports Management is designed to prepare our students for exactly this – effective management of operations in the Events and Sports Management field.

Throughout the course of their studies, students will have the chance to look at the historical foundations of Events and Sports in our culture, their cultural influences and the role of governance in Events and Sports Management. The international Events and Sports industry is a growing and dynamic field and if students are passionate about Events and Sports, IAM will help them gain the skills and experience to succeed in this field.

The program is delivered by a renowned team of experts who combine their academic skills with remarkable industry connections. With over 70 international sporting associations in the region, students will benefit from fieldtrips and guest speakers from the industry.

Year 1

Year 2

Management Skills and Site Visits

In the second year, students will develop the crucial management skills and analyse the role of management in the successful organisation of sporting and other events. In this year, they will also be given the opportunity to visit various event venues and sporting organisations in the region.

Year 3

In year 3, students will investigate the roles of long-term marketing and strategy in Events and Sports Management. To complete their studies, students will be asked to conduct an Independent Research Study – an extended piece of research in relevant fields.

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