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IAM Entrepreneurs' Club

Easier, Better, Faster

The Entrepreneurs’ Club


The aim of the Club is to form the Entrepreneurs of tomorrow, by allowing them to create their own start-up company while completing their studies.

Hence, this very exclusive membership is unambiguously reserved for IAM enrolled students.

Structured as a start-up incubator, this model places the students and their business concepts at the core of the program.

From day one, students can bring their own business ideas that will be analysed, contrasted, challenged, and finally developed and supported with the help of expert faculty and entrepreneurs throughout their studies at IAM.

Self-financing of the business project is encouraged with advantageous early investment plans, tailor-made in cooperation with reputed financial institutions.

Additional features of the Entrepreneurs’ Club include weekly events, weekly mentoring sessions, monthly internal & external networking activities, as well as an online platform for business opportunities.


The Innovation Hub

The Entrepreneurs’ Club is inseparably linked with the Innovation Hub, which is created to assemble most creative thinkers - researchers, startupers and business leaders. It persistently inspires our students to move forward with their own ideas, or helps them finding new paths. 


The Innovation Hub offers a number of opportunities for those who are willing to change the world and are already one step ahead of others. 


The Entrepreneurs’ Club and Innovation Hub also benefit from a wide network of international and local partners. We started with connecting with Swiss innovative organisations and moved further to acquire a global network of colleagues working  on and broadcasting latest inventions in every kind of scientific areas. 


Our organisation is accredited by such educational organisations as PRIME, ISO, and, apart from a list of Innovation clubs all around the world, closely collaborates with Union of Chambers of Commerce and constantly broadens the net of its academic connections. 

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