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IAM Certifications Program

IAM launches a new certification program, whereby candidates are offered to pass a text/to solve a business case/to write a paper, and receive, after a careful examination of their work, a certificate on the result of the assessment of his or her knowledge for the certain professional skills. Each certified person enters our network and can further use the certificate and the skill acquired as a freelancer or get a job abroad. The holder of our certificate also gets access to the Innovation Start-Up Hub and if he or she has ideas for the start-up, we will consider the possibility of further cooperation with him or her in terms of mentorship, operations and investments.

  • You will get a valid certification of your knowledge without wasting time on unuseful classes 

  • You can save the money that you would have used for your university tuition fees

  • We are not involved in the production of degrees but our academic expertise empowers us to examine candidate's knowledge 

  • We keep in touch with all certified candidates and are always open for further collaboration 

Areas of certification:

  • Business Administration

  • Blockchain and Crypto Currency 

  • Political Analysis 

  • International Relations

  • Regional Studies

  • Hospitality 

  • Luxury and Brand Management 

  • Linguistics

  • Literature

  • Other

For more details feel free to contact us on 

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