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Our Team

Fakhri Gafarli

Fakhri Gafarli

Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in tourism and Hospitality at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, Fakhri Gafarli also graduated from the Glion Institute of higher Education with an MBA.

Passionate by Hospitality, Fakhri specializes in sales and marketing but also in operations and event management.

His professional experience in sales and marketing includes the responsibility of large groups of tourists in several 5-star hotels in the cluster office.

Flexible and adaptable, he has experience in education, especially in the development of programs and in the sale of them.

Thanks to his studies carried out in various international environments, he is very open-minded and has excellent communication abilities and cross-cultural skills.

Objective-oriented, Fakhri maintains a productive working environment; He motivates with confidence and coaches the employees in order to achieve the highest levels of performance.

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